Serenity Prayer

Price : $2.15(Vat included)

18 Silky Pyramid Bags (2g | Net 36g)

A tea ceremony tailored for a solo experience that will nourish the soul and body. Misunderstandings and struggles to express oneself have no place in this ceremony. Staying calm enables empowerment.

Herbal teas can be delicious. This is proven by the Sentimental Blends.

Contains German chamomile, heather herb, dried apples, cardamom, and alder buckthorn bark.

Possible side effect: Excessive reluctance towards gossiping.

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EffectSupports normal cognitive functions, provides tranquility.
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TasteCalm, floral notes
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Caffeine LevelThis blend is naturally caffeine free

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Çayla tanışmanız için bir Lazika güzelliği

The primary objective of Sentimental Blends is to enhance your well-being. But why focus on emotions? The reason is quite straightforward. Feeling the appropriate emotion at the right moment plays a significant role in making things easier or, at the very least, preventing them from becoming more difficult

Inside, there are German chamomile, dried apples, cardamom, heather herb, and alder buckthorn bark. Delicious and effective! We call it a tea ceremony tailored for a solo experience for Serenity Prayer. Sometimes, staying calm enables empowerment.

It has a floral and herbal flavor.


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