Repairing and Moisturizing Hand Cream | 50ml

Contains Green Tea Oil and Vitamin E.

We have made a cream consisting of 100% natural oil and essential oils. We can say it's the first cream containing tea seed oil.

Contains tea seed oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil, beeswax (certified organic), olive oil, golden tuft oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oil, orange essential oil, tarragon essential oil, bergamot essential oil.

$11.52 Vat included

100% Natural Aromatherapy Roll On | 10ml

A tea-scented roll-on to carry with you at all times. It's the aroma version of our herbal tea made from aromatherapeutic essential oils. We crafted it for you to experience the relaxing effect of tea anytime, anywhere.

Repairs and relaxes.

It contains only apricot kernel, orange, lemon, tarragon, and rosemary essential oils.

$6.14 Vat included
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