~ Lazika Tea Garden ~

The story of quality tea begins in the fields, with tea leaves nurtured with diligence and care. 


At Lazika, we work alongside hundreds of respected tea producers, tracing the tea journey from the fields to your cup. In our gardens, we aim to spread the philosophy of "good leaf, good tea" by cultivating the finest tea leaves.

We strive to make our gardens exemplary, showing how tea is harvested and encouraging producers to adopt better practices. Goodness is contagious, and our gardens' good agricultural practices motivate producers to cultivate their teas more attentively.

As a result, Turkish tea continues to evolve and improve. It brings us great joy to see these developments.

Additionally, we produce handmade green and black teas in our on-site workshop. This minimizes unnecessary transportation of tea leaves, ensuring a fresher experience.

If you find yourself in our area, we invite you to visit our tea garden. We'll teach you how to handpick tea leaves, demonstrate the correct use of tea scissors, and share the secrets of brewing a perfect cup of tea.


Let's explore the unique journey of tea together!


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