Lazika Black Tea

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Early Harvest Black Tea | 400g

This tea is the first harvest of high tea gardens in Rize. It is dust-free and has a rich, robust, distinctive black tea flavor. Grown in Ardeşen, Rize, within a unique climate embraced by sun and snow, this rich soil contributes a brightness and profound character to Lazika's unique Black Tea blend. The harsh yet fertile nature of Rize imparts a rich and layered black tea flavor in every brew. It is produced and packaged in Lazika's facilities in Rize/Ardeşen using traditional methods.

Produced and packaged using traditional methods in Lazika's facilities in Rize/Ardeşen.

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TasteRefreshing, rich and strong black tea flavor
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Caffeine LevelApproximately 49.8mg per serving

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Our teas carry the first breath of spring; they flourish with the May flush, the first harvest after winter. This particular tea from the high tea gardens of Rize is known for its clear color, intense aroma, and distinctive flavor. Its slight astringency is a characteristic feature of high tea gardens, reflecting the depth and richness of Lazika Black Tea. Double-filtered for a clear and refined taste.

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