Iftar Tea

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2Silky Pyramid Bags (1,5g | Net 30g)

A delicious post-iftar tea with all main components aiding digestion and soothing the stomach. Still, try not to overeat, but if you feel the need to relax, that's when we recommend our tea.

Contains fennel, lemongrass, German chamomile, ginger, and medical mint.

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EffectSupports digestion against overeating-induced digestive issues.
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TasteSour and fruity
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Caffeine LevelThis blend is naturally caffeine free.

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Çayla tanışmanız için bir Lazika güzelliği

For those who delight in exploring rich flavors, we've lovingly created a captivating series of herbal teas. Our Relax herbal tea collection is a gentle journey through exquisite tastes and natural ingredients, filled with the charming essences of fruits and herbs. We offer six unique blends, each carefully crafted to enrich your daily moments with their delightful benefits and flavors.

Every tea in our collection is naturally free from added sugars, offering a pure, wholesome, and deeply satisfying taste experience.



Iftar Tea contains fennel, lemongrass, German chamomile, ginger and medical mint.

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