Loose Leaf Green Tea with Orange and Rose

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Loose Leaf Green Tea with Orange Peel and Rose Petal | 50g

Sourced directly from the high tea gardens of Rize, our tea leaves are early harvested, handpicked, and manually processed.

For thousands of years, Chinese healers have recommended Green Tea as a natural remedy for vitality and healthy living. Renowned for its natural antioxidant properties, it supports overall health.

Lazika's Green Tea, blended with the aromatic essence of orange peel and the delicate sweetness of rose petals. This unique infusion not only maintains exceptional clarity, flavor, and ease of drinking but also introduces the bright citrus notes of orange peel and the floral elegance of rose petals. Rich in antioxidants, it's a perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing and healthful beverage option with a delightful burst of citrus and floral aroma.

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EffectIt acts as a source of antioxidants, enhances beauty, and boosts immunity.
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TasteA clear green tea flavor enriched with the refreshing citrus freshness and the scent of rose.
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Caffeine LevelApproximately 18mg per serving

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Taste the Authentic Turkish Green Tea with Orange and Rose

Our Handcrafted Green Tea dances with carefully gathered natural rose petals and dried Finike Orange peel.

Our Handmade Green Tea offers a brand-new flavor with carefully selected natural hints of rose petals and orange peel. With just 1 gram, you can brew 2 cups of tea in a 400ml teapot and even make a second brew. Harvested and processed by hand, all of our green teas are delicious and lush.

Tea is highly sensitive to moisture and odors. Store it in a sealed container, away from direct sunlight, in the most beautiful corner of your heart and kitchen.

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