Green Tea Blend - Melissa

Price : $2.46(Vat included)

25 Silky Pyramid Bags (1,5g | Net 37,5g)

The taste of our handcrafted green tea combined with the delightful aroma and calming effect of Melissa. It resulted in a rich yet light and tranquil green tea.

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EffectIt acts as a source of antioxidants, speeds up metabolism, and provides tranquility.
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TasteA clean and refreshing green tea flavor enriched with Melissa.
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Caffeine LevelApproximately 18mg per serving

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Taste the Authentic Turkish Green Tea with Melissa

The taste of our handcrafted green tea combined with the exquisite aroma of Melissa. Our tea does not contain any synthetic aroma.

There are 25 pyramid bags in a box, each of which contains 1.5 grams of handmade green tea and Melissa.

If you brew it in a teapot, you can make 3-4 cups of tea with one bag.

If you want to brew it in a cup, throw it into a cup of hot water, wait for two minutes, and enjoy. Then you can use the same bag again for another brew. Delicious, satisfying. We recommend drinking two cups every day.

We prioritize ecological integrity in our packaging choices. The tea bags are made from PLA, a material that breaks down rapidly in nature, ensuring our pyramid bags are as kind to the earth as they are to your tea experience.

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