Galatea – Black Tea with Bergamot

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Black Tea with Bergamot | 200g

'Galatea' is a tea with the essence of Istanbul, sourced from the high tea gardens of Rize.

This black tea carries the freshness of the first harvest, meticulously double-filtered to be free of any dust. It offers a clear, rich, robust, and distinctive flavor, enhanced by the addition of bergamot essence, more than you ever experienced.

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TasteA rich black tea with notes of bergamot
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Caffeine LevelApproximately 49.8mg per serving

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Taste the Authentic Turkish Earl Grey

Our teas embody the rejuvenating essence of spring, blossoming with the vibrant May flush—the very first harvest after the winter's thaw. This distinguished Earl Grey from the lofty tea gardens of Rize is acclaimed for its translucent color, vibrant aroma, and unparalleled taste, enriched with the alluring citrus of bergamot.

The nuanced astringency, a signature trait of these elevated gardens, complements the profound and luxurious essence of Lazika's Earl Grey. Meticulously double-filtered for a lucid and polished flavor profile, this tea harmoniously blends the robustness of Turkish black tea with the aromatic vibrancy of bergamot.

Ingrained within the fabric of daily life, Turkish black tea culture embodies the spirit of hospitality and camaraderie that defines Turkey, symbolizing an offering of friendship and a heartfelt greeting. By introducing the sophisticated twist of bergamot, Lazika's Earl Grey transcends the traditional, fostering a shared experience that encourages dialogue and deepens connections among family, friends, and even those previously unacquainted.

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