Focus Tea

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18 Silky Pyramid Bags (2g | Net 36g)

Making a weight loss tea, a beauty tea, was very easy. However, we are aware that if you focus, you can overcome anything. We thought about what we could do about this for months. We experimented with many delicious herbs. After long days and even nights, we found a delicious tea.

Focus and don't give up! Because it's very easy for you.

Herbal teas can be delicious. This is proven by the Sentimental Blends.

Contains tarragon, safflower, myrtle leaf and black tea.

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EffectSupports mental clarity and focus functions
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TasteA modern, refreshing black tea flavor
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Caffeine LevelApproximately 12mg per serving

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Taste the Focus Tea

The primary objective of Sentimental Blends is to enhance your well-being. But why focus on emotions? The reason is quite straightforward. Feeling the appropriate emotion at the right moment plays a significant role in making things easier or, at the very least, preventing them from becoming more difficult.

For those who say "I won't give up black tea but I'm open to innovation," for those who persevere, we've created a tea.

Contains tarragon, safflower, myrtle leaf, black tea.

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