Curly Green Tea - Limited Batch

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Kaçkar Green / Curly Green Tea | 100g

Handpicked from the tea gardens in the high villages of the Çamlıhemşin Valley in Rize, our tea leaves are manually processed with utmost care. Following the traditional Chinese method, we transform these leaves into green tea. The distinctive feature of our Curly Green Tea lies in its drying method. Employing a slow drying process, our Curly Green Tea boasts a more intense aroma. When sipped, it offers a refreshing taste that combines the clean flavor of green tea with hints of hazelnut.

For thousands of years, Green Tea has been recommended by Chinese physicians as a natural remedy for vitality and healthy living, known for its natural antioxidant properties that aid in overall health support. Lazika's Green Teas are clear, flavorful, easy to drink, and rich in antioxidants.

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EffectIt acts as a source of antioxidants and has a metabolism-boosting effect
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TasteA robust green tea taste with notes of hazelnut
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Caffeine LevelApproximately 35mg per serving

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Taste the Curly Green Tea

We've created a new green tea by changing the drying process of handpicked top tea leaves. Lazika invented a slow-drying method, which altered the aromatic structure of the tea. It has a slightly stronger taste with delicious hazelnut notes. Lovers of aromatic green tea will greatly enjoy our Curly Green Tea.

Green tea, a derivative of the Camellia Sinensis plant, is distinguished by its non-fermented leaves, setting it apart from black and oolong teas, which also originate from the same botanical source. The minimal processing involved in the production of green tea not only preserves its natural integrity but also maximizes its polyphenolic content. These polyphenols, a potent class of antioxidants, are instrumental in conferring a myriad of health benefits associated with green tea consumption.

Scientifically, green tea's elevated antioxidant profile, particularly rich in polyphenols, plays a crucial role in supporting bodily functions and enhancing overall health. This biochemical composition is pivotal in mitigating oxidative stress and promoting well-being.

Tea is very sensitive to humidity and odor. Store it in a sealed container, away from moisture and direct sunlight, in the nicest spot of your heart and kitchen. You can brew with 1 gram of tea, allowing for brewing twice, and enjoy 3–4 cups of tea.

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