Collagen Infused Green Tea

Price : $3.07(Vat included)

18 Silky Pyramid Bags (1,5g | Net 27g)

We've created a superb tea series that beautifies from the inside out. We have combined the world's best peptide collagen with green tea using our specially developed production method. Thanks to our innovative production method, each pyramid bag contains 237 mg of collagen. We found protein in tea, to be honest!

Collagen supports not only skin, hair, and joint health but also digestive health.

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EffectIt supports skin, hair, and nail health and is a source of antioxidants.
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TasteThe pure taste of green tea has been enriched with lavender and citrus notes.
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Caffeine LevelApproximately 18mg per serving

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Collagen Peptide

Collagen is a protein. Approximately 30% of all proteins in our body are collagen. It is found throughout our body. Collagen is naturally a large molecule that our body cannot digest. Therefore, it is hydrolyzed into peptide form to achieve nearly 100% absorption.


Selenium contributes to the maintenance of skin, hair, and immune system function. Enjoy at least one cup daily as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Green Tea

We produce our green tea from handpicked 2.5 leaves harvested in May. It has the highest levels of polyphenols in tests (15.2%). It's an easily accessible antioxidant for daily consumption!

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