Aegean Therapy

Price : $2.15(Vat included)

18 Silky Pyramid Bags (2g | Net 36g)

How about resting, empowering, and regaining strength? All you need is to take in the breeze of the Aegean. Close your eyes, brew your tea and dream!

Herbal teas can be delicious. The Sentimental Blends prove this.

Contains French lavender, lavender, linden, alcea, lemongrass, and lemon peels.

Possible side effects: Rosy cheeks, a feeling of defiance against the common cold.

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EffectSupports immune system
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TasteEnriched with lavender and lemongrass, light and citrusy
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Caffeine LevelThis blend is naturally caffeine free

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The Beauty of Meeting Lazika!

The primary objective of Sentimental Blends is to enhance your well-being. But why focus on emotions? The reason is quite straightforward. Feeling the appropriate emotion at the right moment plays a significant role in making things easier or, at the very least, preventing them from becoming more difficult.

The aim of the Aegean therapy is for you to feel the healing effects of the Aegean while sipping your tea. It contains German chamomile, heather herb, dried apples, cardamom, and alder buckthorn bark. Herbal teas can be delicious. This is proven by the Sentimental Blends.

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