4 Seasons Herbal Tea

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4 Seasons Herbal Tea | 100g

Lazika's winter tea, perfect for enjoying both hot and cold throughout all four seasons. It contains specially selected and blended flavors such as Lazika handcrafted green tea, hibiscus, Lazika highland flower tea cinnamon, cardamom, melissa and lemon peel.

It'll become a healthy habit, just like our other teas.

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EffectIt acts as a source of antioxidants and supports digestive and immune systems.
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TasteSpicy, fruity, and sour
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Caffeine LevelApproximately 12mg per serving

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Taste the 4 Seasons Herbal Tea

This blend of Lazika is a truly timeless blend, delicious through every season, no matter if it is drunk hot or cold.

Contains carefully selected and special flavors such as hibiscus, green tea, highland flowers, cinnamon, melissa, mint, lemon peel, cloves, and cardamom. Whether you brew it hot for a warm drink or cold for a refreshing one, it's always delicious.

Sugar-free and natural.

Tea is highly sensitive to moisture and odors. Keep it sealed, away from direct sunlight, in the most beautiful corner of your heart and kitchen.

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